Well as Covid drags on it is bring about significant changes in the industry.
In a rather bizarre fashion we are seeing large increase in sales with any buyers wanting to escape to the Sea.
Also I think that given so many people have been working remotely some of the old core values of going to office have changed, so this gives people the chance to work from anywher, and especially the option to live on boats as long as there is good internet and modern power generation system to live as per land residence.

The Catamaran has obviously great appeal and fits that criteria vey well, so we are seeing much increased interest in Cat purchases.

What is also interesting at the same time we are seeing charter companies with little charter requests, so there are actually a good number of large charter companies reducing there fleet size, which in turn means we are seeing a good number of Cats of less than 6 years old coming on to the market at reasonable prices. Many of these Cats are also arriving on the market with little or no defects and supplied charter ready.

These boat reflect a huge saving over new purchase prices and equipment fit out. While it is not great news for charter companies is excellent for private buyers, especially as the used Cat market took a hit in it supply chain of used boats due to many hurricanes over the last few years which destroyed some of the of the largest fleets in the Western Atlantic. Particularly reducing the stock of good 5 to 6 year old boats coming on to the market.

So if you are looking for a reasonably new Catamaran now is the time, as the predictions are that once covid is mostly eradicated by vaccination the charter market will be in demand with people desperate to get away.

Boatshed BVI currently has charter Cats listed, even some 2020 models which have only seen a few weeks charter. These are definitely worth a look if you are thinking of purchasing new, with enough cost saving over a new example to support your cruising life for a few years.